SEX after having BABY…take it slow and grab the LUBE


I just had my beautiful baby girl. She is the cutest thing in the entire world of course. One thing is for sure when it comes to thinking about my boyfriend and that is, I can’t wait to have sex with him again. I have talked with my boyfriend about the excitement behind completely letting go and having sex when we are allowed too. I am worried about what it will be like to have sex for what feels like the first time, but in a how is it going to feel way. I am not worried about how he makes me feel, and the amazing release I have after. For every new parent out there sometimes you have to wait longer than the six weeks they make you wait after you give birth. I would always do what my personal doctor(s) are telling me everyone else should listen to their doctor as well. Luckily for us we can have sex in three more weeks at the six week mark. In the meantime and throughout the last part of my pregnancy we do other things to be intimate and that has made me feel better about getting back into bed.

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Jon Stewart on Chicago Pizza

WATCH THIS…Jon Stewart is hilarious, but this video made my day. I lived in Chicago for a few years and never ate the deep dish pizza. It terrified me that two stories worth of cheese was stuffed inside of it. That is not natural…

Have a great Saturday night… order some pizza any kind of pizza. NY style, deep dish, or your local joint.

Drawing Pad for Photoshop (WACOM)

Drawing Pad for Photoshop (WACOM)

Check out this website by clicking on the picture in my post. It provides an awesome video on the Cintiq 13hd drawing pad. I believe everyone should have a drawing pad now. Artist, designer, and everyone wanting to get creative. Buy this for someone for the holidays, buy it for yourself, or get it just because.

The cintiq 13hd is on the pricier side averaging around $1000.00. They do offer the Intuos draw pad for $200.00.

Fretlight Guitar with Alice Cooper

This guitar is awesome if you want to learn how to play guitar. I need to get one… Rock God Himself Alice Cooper is plugging this, because it teaches you how to play correctly. Making sure any confusing tips you may have been given over the years from friends and family do not get in the way. Start over, or play for the first time.

Hell yes…Rock on.

Debs OR Flash Mob/Pre-Surgery Dance Party

This video is great. This woman going in for a double mastectomy danced around the operating room with friends, family, and her doctors. Having lupus you just wait to hear about a surgery you will need. If surgery happens for me you better believe I will be dancing my ASS off like Deb just did in this video. LOVE IT

If you have a surgery coming up, or know someone who does suggest something like this. WHY you ask? Well simply because its fun.

Tesla Car on Fire

Most of us have already heard about and seen this video from the Tesla fire in Kent, WA. However, there was a third fire this past week indicating that metal debris sparked the fire.

Check out the link below to read about this TESLA owners first hand experience of the car catching FIRE. Interesting to learn that in fact the car told him to pull over safely giving the man TWO MINUTES before the car caught fire.

I would still buy a Tesla. If a car can warn you about engine problems, and danger count me in. We have some great options out there when deciding on which type of electric, or eco-friendly vehicle we buy.